Sunday, May 29, 2016

I sustain myself with the love of family.

He loves having conversations and exchanging kisses with his reflection.

Last week, on the last day of school, the kids came down with a stomach bug. When I picked her up, Alia cried and told me that her tummy was hurting. When she couldn't tell me what she had to eat for lunch, I thought that she probably didn't have anything at all, and thus was just gassy. When we got home, she threw up - nothing but water - but then declared that she was feeling better after drinking some warm milk.

Later in the evening, after fussing for a bit, it was Arif who threw up upon waking from his nap. His vomit was also all liquid (no curds), and since now both of them were throwing up, we figured it was something in the water they had in school (Arif was not eating solids in daycare yet.). Both of them ended up throwing up a few more times throughout the night. Arif was pretty weak - he didn't want to play and only wanted to snuggle - and Alia complained of stomach cramps on and off, but then they both finally settled in to sleep from exhaustion. Thankfully, they recovered, and was much better (in body and spirit) after waking up late the next morning.

That Violet plushie has been Alia's favorite for more than two years.

While I know sickness happens, and it was minor in this case, I was worried to see my usually rambunctious kids being so mellow and listless. It was a good thing my parents were here on a visit - Alia and Arif seemed to recover much faster when they have their grandparents to shower them with lots of kisses and cuddles!

(Title quote by Maya Angelou.)

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