Thursday, May 26, 2016

Weekly roundup

This week our family was hit with a round of fever among the kids. They've been having runny noses, cough and slight temperature rises on and off since Sunday. Arif is also sporting a rash that I first thought was an allergic reaction to dust, which then evolved into something that looked suspiciously like the onset of measles (his vaccine is due in two months). Fortunately, his pediatrician is confident that it is just a post-viral infection rash that will subside in a few days. I feel so relieved!

Some links for this week.

  • China's super mums. In some cultures, a confinement period after giving birth is not a necessity. Living in an Asian country, however, it is pretty much a given, with every post natal mother being expected to observe some sort of indoor resting period. While my family is not very traditional, I also observed some basic confinement rituals after giving birth to my children. I must say, being able to put your feet up and take it slow, and given massages while being fed with nutritious food is not at all a bad way to recuperate after the ordeal that is childbirth.

  • Want to raise successful kids? Science says do these 7 things every day.

  • I love planners, and you might notice that I've been pinning a lot of journaling pictures lately. This is because I'm currently very curious about the idea that is the Bullet Journal. While this method is too time consuming for me, I think it's an interestingly creative way to plan, and love to see how other people execute it.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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