Thursday, June 02, 2016

Weekly roundup

Ramadhan starts next week, and while some people might think it's crazy early, we've prepared for Aidil Fitri. Well, prepared is actually too big a word for it - we just bought Arif a few traditional Johor baju melayu that match the clothes we already have, and since I've always bought Alia extra large baju kurung in various colors (and adjusted them as necessary), hers still fit and she'll be wearing them again this year. It makes sense for us to do it this way - the kids hardly ever wear their traditional dresses anyway, and I don't see the need for them to have new ones every single Aidil Fitri. And preparing the clothes now saves us the hassle of having to shop during Ramadhan - the crowds then would be crazy!

Some links for this week.

  • I wish there were more parents like this. There were so many times when I've told other kids at the playground to please play nice and parents would stare daggers at me. One time, a dad even yelled at me because I told his tween son off for climbing up the slide while my daughter was going down it. I'm not a guardian of the playground - I just want to make sure that my kids are safe when they are playing there. So if that involves me telling your rough-housing, loud-mouthed, queue-cutting, profanity-spewing spawn to behave or be gone, then so be it.

  • Number five or this article really hits close to my heart. 'Listen closely: Happiness begets happiness. Sure, it's a bit of a zinger when your best friend meets the love of her life while you're still swiping right or your colleague drops twenty pounds while you're struggling to get motivated. But understanding that someone else achieving their goals doesn't mean there's one less achievement available to you will make life a whole lot easier.'

  • How is this even a question? It does not matter how well-behaved your kids are on every other occasion, but when they cause damage to people's properties, they (or you, if they are too young to understand the implications) should be accountable to pay for any ramifications.

  • This is an interesting read. I wish people in Malaysia would smile more. I have what people would call a 'resting bitch face' (It's a real thing, Google it!), but I make an effort to genuinely smile at people when I greet them.

  • This article confirmed what my mom always said - let the baby be. Our kids are very poor sleepers, and I think I contributed to it by being too coddling with them. The truth is, I just can't sleep with a child whining and tossing and turning in the same room! Now that Arif is seven months old, I am considering moving his cot into another room, so that I wouldn't wake up at his slightest whimper, and let him learn to self soothe.

Until next time, happy weekend and have a blessed Ramadhan!

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