Wednesday, October 26, 2016

No man has ever lived that had enough
Of children’s gratitude or woman’s love.

Time sure flies. In a blink of an eye, months has passed.

Nothing major has happened in our lives - I've been focusing hard on our day to day and trying to establish some sort of routine with both Fit and I having busy, erratic work schedules. The kids have had two weeks off in the past two months because both of us were unable to send and fetch them from school, resorting to them staying with their grandparents in KL while I'm working. The children, of course, loved it, but it sure is a pain to settle them down again once we're back home.

Also, because of Fit constantly working, I've been toting Alia and Arif on flights to and from KL. I'm starting to enjoy traveling with them. Arif's just started walking and is always excited to waddle off on his own, and Alia is now old enough to not need a stroller all the time. They both still need their naps, which can be cumbersome during travel, but I try to arrange so that they'll get some rest upon arrival.

Alia's reading is progressing well, and she's started learning the Qur'an too. Fit has commented that she's more eloquent, and I notice it too, since she loves telling stories about her day in the car ride home. She's still shy around strangers, but is definitely more confident in herself, and she makes me so proud every time she's able to ask and pay for things over the counter.

Arif is almost one! I can hardly believe it. When Alia was a baby, the days seemed to pass by so slowly as I watched her grow. With Arif, it seems like only yesterday he was a creeping on his tummy, picking up pieces of fluff off the floor (and eating them), and today he's a toddler, running around in circles and hanging precariously off the child gate. He's understanding every word and have opinions on every thing, and talks back like a sassy teen.

The best of part of everything, though, is just how much these two love each other. I wish for them to always love each other this way.

(Title quote by W. B. Yeats.)

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