Tuesday, November 01, 2016

His first year

A couple of days ago, this boy turned one.

In a blink of an eye, he is no longer a baby. He amazes us daily with his cunning and perseverance. Nothing deters him from his goals. If he wants something, he'll try for it (reaching, climbing, pushing it over), and if he isn't able to, he'll just leave it and attend to something else, but then always coming back again with another plan (which often includes a makeshift equipment of some sort).

He's extremely cheeky, always chuckling and laughing and making others chase him around. He's never shy with people and is always looking at them with open curiosity. He loves having a crowd around, and enjoys going to school and getting together with his cousins.

He also loves to tease his sister so! He's always following her around, tailing on her heels and demanding to be let in whatever she's doing. He likes to watch her read, although these sessions often end up with him sitting on the books and making her impatient. And he just can't get enough of cuddling and rolling around with her, which is causing me a lot of headaches come bedtime every day.

Happy birthday, our darling Arif! May you grow strong and healthy, and have a long, happy, prosperous life.

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