Thursday, January 12, 2017

Weekly roundup

I have been struggling with time. I know, every parent does, but sometimes I feel extremely overwhelmed by the things I don't have time to do. And by 'things', I don't mean hobbies like reading or scrap booking or gardening - I mean essentials for a sane, organized life, like ironing work clothes or putting away clean laundry or purging two-week-old leftovers out of the fridge. I can't remember the last time I mopped the floors or  cleaned the kids' car seats (no one spilled chocolate milk yet, so they're staying for now). I'm looking for tips, any tip, as to how I can cram more into the few hours I have at home after work every day, without sacrificing time spent with the children (and sleep, this mom needs her sleep!).

Some things I discovered this week.

  • People usually say child birth is an enlightening, powerfully spiritual act - I have never heard it being described like this article did. To be honest, though, I feel the same way too.

    'Child birth didn’t feel empowering to me. It didn’t feel un-empowering either. Instead it felt to me mostly like a biological process — a difficult one, but one that my body was designed to go through. I didn’t necessarily feel pride at what my body did because I didn’t feel like I could even take credit for it. (In fact, if I did take credit for it, then would that mean that women who couldn’t experience the relatively easy kind of births I had should feel the opposite of pride? Shame or guilt?)'

  • I pinned these tips on Pinterest, because, for a long time after Arif's birth, Alia went through the 'anxious preschooler' phase, where she was desperate for attention and threw tantrums at the slight dissatisfaction. One minute I was pleased that she's able to pack her own backpack, or cook an egg, or read a long word, and the next I was frustrated and yelling at her because she refused to take a sip of water or because she is screaming for her favorite jammies that are in the wash. I felt guilty (still do!) because I felt like I was too strict, but often she really tried my patience so!

  • This book is absolutely awesome. Now I feel sorry for not giving my kids really long names, because then they'll have a thicker book! I want badly to get one of these for Alia, but the steep price (especially when converted to Ringgit Malaysia) gave me pause. Maybe on her birthday?

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