Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hello there!

It's been a busy week at the office (I say 'office' but most of our work is done in outside venues), but rather slow-moving home-wise since I've been under the weather and haven't the energy to do anything productive in the evenings after a day of work. I know I should bring the kids to play outside more often since they get stuck at preschool all day, but the truth is, I am always too tired to even brave a walk in the park. Often, I find myself secretly rejoicing long rainy afternoons when the kids would mope inside and I could potter mindlessly around the house.

Here are some links for this week.

  • I've just realized that I have never read Hercule Poirot. (Or maybe I have, a long time ago, but I forgot? I dunno.) Having got on the bandwagon, though, I can't seem to stop!

  • Have you ever tracked your time? I have a strong suspicion that if I do, I'll find that most of my days are spent watching Nifty videos and picking up after my children.

  • An interesting (if slightly scary) take on menopause.

  • Since Fit and I got married, our possessions have accumulated rapidly. It's gotten so that I'm having trouble finding storage in our once-spacious 1,400 sq ft home! I think our main problem is that we keep bringing in stuff but hardly ever throw out or donate anything. This year, I'm determined to declutter everything. Progress has been slow (we can't stop buying things!), but I'm adamant to see this through! Blogs on small space living like The Tiny Canal Cottage and School Bus Conversion help give me tips on scaling down and realize that you don't need to have a lot of stuff to be content.

See you soon!

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